free of charge rehabilitation and support program at Tepla Gora eco retreat in Carpathian mountains, west of Ukraine


for refuges, veterans and social volunteers

The community of Tepla Gora offers refuge and support for people who have had to flee their home because of the war in Ukraine. It is also a place for volunteers looking for an opportunity to rest and recharge, as well as for everyone who needs a safe haven and warmth during this crisis

Recovery formula



People who come to Tepla Gora feel accepted and cared for here. They feel part of the community


+ Nature

The picturesque and tranquil surroundings of Carpathian mountains calm the mind and soul


+ Co-creation

Creating art, working in the garden, co-creating the spaces of the eco centre with others recharge and lift the spirit

Elements of Kolo program


Healthy plant-based meals


Emotional sharing circles


Morning wellbeing practices


Art and creativity workshops


Comfy hostel accomodation


Ecologically clean region


Permaculture therapy

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Recovery formula is working

90% of visitors reported an improvement in their physical and emotional state

“Here is heaven, and angels are around. I won't even begin to tell you about the conditions I lived in and what the relationship was like...”

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psychotherapist, Kyiv

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refugee, Mariupol

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veteran, Gulyaipole

Results in numbers

Our mission is to support and inspire people in need during this crisis


'Kolo' guests

from beginning of the war in Ukraine (February 2022-January 2024)

10 days

or up to 6 months

10 days is a standard duration of the rehabilitation program which can be extended based on guests' individual circumstances

Jobs for IDPs

Some internally displaced persons chose to stay at Tepla Gora to work and many more to volunteer

Become part of Kolo

'Kolo' means "circle" or "coming together in a circle" in Ukrainian: become part of our support circle



Support the program by making a donation using the following button or via a PayPal transfer to the address: gro.arogalpet%40au.troppus


Come to Tepla Gora as a volunteer or get involved from the comfort of your home by helping with digital work.

Stay at Tepla Gora

Tepla Gora is a social enterprise. For every 4 paid guests, we can host 1 Kolo guest free of charge. Visit us as a guest or host your event at Tepla Gora

for more opportunities to get involved or to partner with us please send us a message to gro.arogalpet%40olleh