A meeting place with nature, and with yourself. Far away from cities hustle and bustle, where we co-create magic
A place of natural beauty
Tepla Gora - a place where your noisiest neighbor is the forest. Where the view is the best spice to the dish, sunshade is provided from the apple garden and where you walk on the grass barefoot

It is 5 hectares of space in serene surroundings, with mountain air and crystal clear spring water, stunning hiking routes, natural landmarks and ancient monuments
International community
Tepla Gora - is a community of people who value freedom, care for the environment and cherish warmth

We are volunteers, entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers. Some of us live here through much of the year, while others visit from time to time to unwind, recharge and gain inspiration

What we are building
Community Centre
For connecting, working and learning, classes and yoga
Tiny Houses
For members, investors,
and guests
For guests, volunteers, and backpackers
Community Kitchen & Cafe
Serving delicious
plant-based meals
Organic Garden
To grow own fresh produce and naturopathy
Om Centre
Wellbeing space for holistic therapies
Outdoor Spaces
Multipurpose green areas in our garden and the nearby forest
Cycling Centre
MTB and electric bicycle tours and hire
What we are creating
International Community
of warm and ecologically conscious people that generate the vibe of the place
a place to reset and to restore the wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit
Eco Hub
to inspire and support ecopreneurship and sustainable development
Join the dawn of change
Join the Tepla Gora community and create something exciting with likeminded people
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