shelter and support program
at Tepla Gora eco centre

The community of „Tepla Gora" offers refuge and support for people who have had to flee their home because of the war in Ukraine. It is also a place for volunteers looking for an opportunity to rest and recharge, as well as for everyone who needs a safe haven and warmth during this crisis

"KOLO" program involves:
Basic needs covered
free accommodation in our hostel for a period from 2 up to 30 days, as well as vegetarian food and necessary clothing
psychological support through daily sharing circles, conversations with psychologists, restoration and healing practices, shared work activities (cooking, collecting firewood, maintaining the space, etc. - two hours a day)
Transit to a new life
advice on finding housing, moving abroad, employment. If necessary, transfer to the border. A little financial help at the start
"KOLO" program was launched on March 25, 2022. Currently, we can accommodate up to 20 people at the hostel of „Tepla Gora". Rooms are designed for 2 to 10 people

A place where you can catch your breath,
sleep in silence,
find support and time to
to look ahead

Inclusiveness of the program: this refuge is for all people regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, age, nationality, race, language, health status and any other differences

To apply, please fill out the form

Ways to support "KOLO"
Partner with us
Become one of the program's partners. Call us to get more detailed information and to discuss how we can collaborate

support the program by making a donation via PayPal to: support.ua@teplagora.org. Or explore other available means for international transfers
Join the team!
Write to us if you want to help or become part of the team
"taking a break to recharge is crucial"
Why we do this ?

Before the war, Tepla Gora was a place for holistic retreats and recovery, for learning and co-creating. The GEN Ukraine team supported and developed sustainable communities in Ukraine. During the war, we continue to fulfill our mission: to create an environment for recovery and support for those who need it most.

Although faith and hope give us strength to resist, this difficult time also brings anxiety, exhaustion and trauma. For people living in survival mode and under high stress, taking a break to recharge is crucial. Besides helping the affected people feel grounded again and balancing their emotional state, a restful pause will strengthen their hope and faith and enable them to go on and/to help others.

The initiative is realised by the Tepla Gora Foundation (NGO) with the support of donors and the program partner, GEN Ukraine
Regarding the partnerships, joining the team or any other questions about the program, please contact the program coordinator by phone or Telegram


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