Climate Positive Ukraine 

Tepla Gora Foundation is a community lead NGO that is building an ecosystem for sustainable recovery of Ukraine by promoting and supporting ecopreneurship. Based at Tepla Gora Eco Centre, in Carpathian mountains


What we do

We strive to set an example of sustainable entrepreneurship while sharing our knowledge and providing support to fellow ecopreneurs. All in order to grow the ecosystem of environmentally friendly businesses and scale the collective impact


Hosting wellbeing retreats, volunteering camps and learning programs at Tepla Gora Eco Centre in Carpathian mountains, Ukraine


R&D sustainable buildings and green infrastructure solutions: tiny houses, community centre, solar, wind, and biogas energy


Growing organic food in cooperation with nature and community


Designing Local Business Academy (LBA), a hands-on learning and mentorship program. Building the Climate-Positive Ukraine Fund to support aspiring ecopreneurs with small grants

Live Projects

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Latest: preparing the conversion of an old barn into the community centre

Tepla Gora Eco Centre

A wellbeing and learning retreat in Carparhian mountains, Ukraine. A place to rest and recharge that has been hosting IDPs since the start of the war. The eco centre is also the main base for all our other projects

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Latest: we continue to offer accommodation and food free of charge at Tepla Gora Eco Centre to the Kolo guests


Kolo is a shelter and support program for those who have had to flee their home because of the war in Ukraine. It is also a chance for volunteers looking for an opportunity to rest and recharge and for everyone who needs a safe haven and warmth during this crisis

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Latest: building permit and construction prep work for summer 2023 are in progress

Tiny Village

We are developing an ecovillage of tiny houses next to Tepla Gora Eco Centre. Our goal is to build a vibrant community, while utilising ecological construction best practices and inventing new solutions

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Latest: store launch - April 2023

Eco Market

An online marketplace of ecological handmade products from Ukraine, and later on from other countries. Most of our small independent producers come from Carpathian mountains and some from other eco communities

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Latest: we are inviting vegan chefs to partner with us

Giants Kitchen

A "food lab" where we cook delicious plant-based meals and ask a question of "what makes a sustainable, humane and healthy cuisine?". Our giants are great historical figures who ate vegetarian or plant-based food. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Franz Kafka, Mary Shelley, Leonardo da Vinci.

Coming soon

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    Climate Positive Ukraine Fund

    September 2023

    Creating a fund that will support eco friendly initiatives and projects that develop greener Ukraine.