Dream Board
This is Tepla Gora's development vision for 5 to 10 years. Join us now and let's create something exciting together
The Space
Infrastructure visionary projects
Status: Fundraising
EcoHub Community Centre
An inspiring and energy efficient building with spaces for events and practices, café, library and co-working space (sample photo)
Status: +/- 80% rediness
Community Kitchen & Cafe
We converted one of the old houses into community kitchen and cafe. It is a meeting place where we often cook and spend time together
Status: renovation / receiving guests
We have converted the second old house into a hostel for the guests, volunteers and backpackers
Status: getting ready to build
Tiny Project
We are getting ready to construct tiny houses for the community members. Either to live in or to recharge from time to time while renting the houses out to guests when away
Status: intention
Om Centre
Holistic therapies room for restoring balance through practices such as massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc
Status: mostly ready / operational
We have given a new life to the old workshop inherited from the previous owners while equipping it with wood and plastic processing tools
Creative projects
Status: building partnerships
Holistic & Themed Retreats
Holistic programs to restore balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit. As well as various retreats and residences from friends and partners
Status: experimenting
Organic Farm
Growing our own organic produce for the kitchen and for sale, as well as conducting workshops and seminars on organic gardening
Status: live
Makers' Camp
Regular, one-week volunteer programs that are built around co-creation, learning and inspiring leisure
Status: setting-up the kitchen
Giants Kitchen (Food Lab)
Providing delicious plant-baed meals while making them nutritious, healthy and satisfying. Researching and sharing the insights on what makes a healthy plant-based diet
Status: in progress
5R / No waste
Integrated program of ecological consumption of reseources based on the model of five 'R': Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
Status: fundraising
Cycling Centre
A fleat of MTB and electro-MTB bikes, bike tours and excursions, as well as movies, presentations, and discussions on sustainable mobility
Status: schedulled for 7-8 August
Sustainability Weekeend
A meeting place of the eco community, sharing insights and ideas, generating inspiration
Making a difference beyond Tepla Gora
Status: creating a newsletter
Viziya-21 Media
A media project in two languages (Ukrainian and English): sustainability newsletter, blog, podcast, magazine
Status: intention
Ecopreneurship Academy
Education, mentoring, consulting and research in the field of eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable development
Status: intention
Green Finance
Seed finance program for eco-startups and green initiatives using own profit and public contributions to Tepla Gora Foundation
Status: intention
Addiction to Plant Trees
A new day - a new tree. That's 365 trees a year, or 3,650 trees in 10 years, per person. An ambitious project to plant greenery on the planet
Status: intention
СSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Creating a pilot community farm initiatives based on a model of sharing the risks of poor crop with the community members that pre-order the food boxes
Status: intention
Clean Energy
Experimenting with green energy at Tepla Gora while sharing the insights that can benefit households and small businesses
Join the team, volunteer, or invest
Would you like to contribute to this vision or to become part of a project team? Please leave your contact details in the form below
Benefits of joining Tepla Gora makers' community:

  • free accommodation in our hostels and discounted meals
  • a prospect to become a member of our NGO and to influence the project development
  • opportunity to invest in your own tiny house at Tepla Gora

Who are we looking for?

Project managers, investors, designers, artists, builders, creative spirits and everyone who wants to contribute
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